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Originally Posted by ichigo_m. View Post
@iaShakezula What I would do would be a circle skirt. (: Just like for the skirt part of my Asuna cosplay. Once you've made the circle skirt you can attach the belt part and other details. (:
I understand what you are suggesting.

JasonTerror , yeap that part is complicated.

I got the long skirt figured out , I copied my FMA soldier skirt wrap , but its the X part in the front that extends toward the back ... it doesnt make sence its, basically the belt piece.

So I am planning to make that part totally separate and put a small zipper in the mid back so I can actually fit it around my waist , the opening on the belt in not wide enough. If the belt is tighten too much on the front, it will distort the triangle opening .

I am also thinking separating the belt top and attach the skirt to it and X part will just layer over .
That might be not a bad idea.

I will post again which way would look best.

My top is almost done except for the shoulder shield pad on the left . I have material to make that part but I cant move forward until I solve this one.
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