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Originally Posted by Jamboree Jess View Post
I recently made a purchase with Bodyline (a dress,shoes, and socks). It was my first purchase with them, and I made the mistake of using "AIR" shipping, trying to save myself some money. I made my purchase on November 23rd. (That is when they accepted my payment) And I got shipping confirmation on November 28th. The tracking says "Dispatch from outward office of exchange" on December 1st. USPS tracking has said "Origin post is preparing shipment" for going on 3 weeks now. It has been 29 days since my package shipped. I am more than a little worried, at this point. I thought that it had been shipped early enough to avoid the holiday rush. I only have a few more days in which I can make a dispute with Paypal, I would be devastated if I never got my order, and was out over $100. I finally got in contact with bodyline and they said:

You can wait sometime.
You package is delayed by post office for Christmas season.
Thank you

Has anyone else experienced anything this ridiculous? I'm not sure what to do, I've never had anything take this long to get to me.
I live in Wisconsin (about an hour and a half from Chicago)

anyone else have airmail horror stories?? Or at least more experience than me? :P
I had the same issue, I just got my bodyline package today and I ordered it early in november, the last activity I had was when the tracking said it left Tokyo on Nov 13th, I thought it was early enough to get here before Xmas as well but I literally got my package today on Dec 31st. I tried to track it, but it doesn't track beyond Japan, all you can do is wait, I'd wait for 2 months because I counted from Nov 13th to Dec 31st and it was 48 days including weekends. Unfortunately air shipping is just very slow and I suppose takes a month to a month and a half, it's sad because all the things I ordered online from China took less then 2 weeks with standard shipping. The only thing I can say I pay for the more expensive shipping. I want to order more things from bodyline but I don't want to wait a month and a freaking half. That's ridiculous when things from China take 2 weeks or less!

But yeah, if you don't get your package by 2 months I'd try calling or emailing bodyline and asking who you can contact to find your package.
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