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Master basic composition (rule of thirds), then (much later on) learn other compositions like golden ratio, and using stuff like the dutch tilt. We practice rule of thirds over and over again so when we find that perfect shot we can take it without thinking like riding a bike. This video from BH explains it really well after watching this one i think my photography got a lot better.

Learning how shapes affect images is good too. A good tutorial that touches on shapes and basic comp is:

A good series to watch are those created by the framed network on youtube.
Their shows "Framed" and "Film" have some great tips in them.

Good tutorials available here

For those who clicked the tutorial for shapes you see thats a tutorial for paintings. I suggest viewing other art mediums out side of photography especially paintings and drawings. Alot of techniques we pull into photography come from these other art forms. One good example of this is rembrant lighting

I think BH has has a good tutorial on rembrant lighting im being rushed to do something while typing this so cant look it up... I hope this helps you guys out


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