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Oh dear...
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For Commander Shepard, made the top half of the leg pieces, part of the bottom pieces, installed the lights on my back of the breastplate, first coat of paint on said breastplate, bought gloves that have to be modified, bought a unitard.

For Saber, bought a wig!

For my friend`s Lancelot, helmet and gloves are done!
Possibly cosplaying:
[Odin Sphere] Gwendolyn - 100% Done! ConBravo! 2014, (possibly)Fanexpo Toronto 2014
[Fire Emblem 7: Rekka No Ken / Blazing Sword] Florina - 30% Fanexpo Toronto 2014
(possible) [Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/Eternal Summer] Gou Matusuoka - 0% Fanexpo Toronto 2014
(Dreaammmm~ ) [.hack//GU] Haseo (xth form) - 0%

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