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I swear, this is the sneakiest cold I've ever had--feeling better, and then *BAM* guess who's sick again? >.< Working with kids all day really takes its toll.

I did make some progress today, though! I'm taking it slow, since I'm not feeling well, but I completely re-patterned my Ice Queen bodice! I hated the fit of the last draft, and now it's all nice and crisp and properly form fitting. It's also the frankenstein'ed bodice of doom--I used and modified three patterns together. Heck, this dress in itself is a monster o.0

The only thing I changed was the neckline, since I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get a sweetheart neckline and still have enough support for the monster sleeve puffs and heavy lined bell sleeves 0.0 Well, that's Adventure Time for ya, lol.
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