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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
Reviving this thread!

I, personally, just started playing and I'm in LOVE with it so far. The character designs are just so pretty. I only got to the part where Viola appears and I am in love with her outfit. Like, it was legit love at first sight. Does anyone know what her skirt is supposed to be? Feathers or fur? 0_o
Her outfit is gorgeous!! (I just wish I had the body to pull it off. T_T) Personally, I'd go with fur for her skirt; it'd be a LOT easier to look after.

Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
I got the game because... Chopin, He's my favorite dead pianist ever. I love the look of the game - so unusual to find in an XBox game!

... But I haven't played it, because the XBox scares me. D: I really need to get over that tho. ^^;
The Xbox version is not as good as the PS3 version, so, if you find you enjoy the game, definitely look into getting the PS3 one - it's got more scenes, and more Eternal Sonata is always a good thing!
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