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Got Twlight Sparkle's skirt pieces cut out, the pleats pinned and pressed, and I'm hoping to get the pocket sewn, hem and side seam sewn, the pleats staystitched and the waistband pinned for tomorrow. Also still gotta sew my hoof-pieces including the elastic band/tops, finish a few handstitched things on Quorra, take in my blouse a bit, AND fix the waistband gap in a pair of my jeans. All before Wednesday afternoon. /flail

And it's not helped that I'm having a dizziness problem that's making it hard to sew OR get the exercise I pretty well got none of last week and need to catch up on (I THINK I'm getting a cold, maybe my ears are clogged, I dunno, but I felt like crap on Saturday because of it, was well enough to go to work and of course do no other sewing work yesterday and I woke up dizzy again today and it's still there but not debilitating).
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There's a vibe here that says "We're in this together!Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way."<3
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