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Originally Posted by iaShakezula View Post
yes its basically on top of the long piece.It will have that long strap as well. Its funny I have seen drawings of it in the anime that the back part actually flipped up separating from the long skirt.

I made a mock model one over the long piece and Its actually not bad at all. The only thing it will have that invisible zipper in the back .

And all will have lining underneath
OH DAMN I totally forgot he has that strap that wraps around....I'm guessing that strap will be the bottom hem of your "mini skirt thing" tight? I totally get your idea if that's it..And you shouldn't need a zipper though..If you make it have that buckle at the top, you should be able to make that tight enough and the rest will be wide wnough to just slip on..Thus making it more accurate. just an idea..
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