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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Not sure if this has been asked but there's WAY too much to look through..
I have a question about the "Sweet" style. I understand the whole cutesy thing but I haven't seen a "rule" (I guess you can call it that) that says there needs to be prints on the dresses for the Sweet style. Like I've looked on tumblr and google and here (coscom) and DA, and basically EVERYONE has some cute print. If it's less accepted (as in it won't look AS good or as much "Sweet Lolita" as something else) then I can find a patterned fabric..Also, while I'm here I might as well just ask: what fabric should the dress be made out of? By the way, it will be an OP, if that matters for fabric.....

Thank you

EDIT: OH!! Also, is it acceptable to mix a few things in the Sweet style? Like mixing Sweets (cakes and such), Candi (I guess still sweets but w.e.) and hearts? but not overdoing it of course. Like say some Sweets rings, but also a heart ring? Then A heart purse, and I also bought this cute cake necklace. Or should one keep to just one of them?

Hi Sweety okay first of all let me jump you off of some malocclusion your having there. Having a print does not necessarily categorize the dress as 'sweet', a sweet lolita dress doesn't have to have a print either.

The dress can be a simple cute light blur or sorta and would still be a sweet lolita ensemble, why yes the what's on the fabric matters what also important is the skirt shape. Most sweet lolitas often wear 'cupcake' petticoats under the dresses to further categorize their outfit as said sweet style. I apologize if I sound if I'm pestering you but I'm assuming you don't know since you said you only seen pictures. So a simple cute light plain girly shade is perfectly acceptable, this would be categorized as a 'old school' sweet style (old school referring back to when prints weren't as much in style and the dresses were very much less flamboyant as today's) .

And on the topic of fabric keep in mind quality, quality, quality always go for 100% cotton if you can and stay away from sheers if you don't know what you're doing, this goes the same for lace.

And it is perfectly fine to add your own cute decorations! Going overboard is fine with it to! (It would be categorized as OTT! Sweet Lolita, a style very popular these days if you did) the sweet lolitas seem to be adoring the over use of cupcakes and sugary hearts these days, I mean have you seen the arising trend of the My little pony orbit bonnets?

Good luck in your venturing love.
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