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Originally Posted by Aciano View Post
So I decided lately to go for a kodona style but since I'm not too experienced in it, I'm not even sure if it looks great haha. Doesn't help that I'm stuck between red and blue. Also stuck on wigs to get. Eeer. Any help of what to add in or take out, as well as which wig? Thinking of making a top hat for either outfit, whichever I end up choosing. I ended up trying for a sort of White Rabbit theme, thus the pocket watch and idea of a top hat. :X But yeah. Colors are problem haha. OTL


Didn't think it would have been great to start up a new thread just for this XD;;
That's a very beautiful piece you picked <3

And judging by your photos (sorry did a stalker marathons of browsing your pictures) I think you look lovely in blue.
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