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What I think that people miss the lolita is a fashion, and fashion can change and do what it please.

All like lolita.

You see all lolita really is basically an A line or Cupcake shaped petticoat skirt under a demur dress, the rest is up to /you/.

People often get messed up on trends and rules like the head dress is now out of fashion due to the fact so many people so poorly imitate lolitas with it, or that leopard print would never work, or raschel lace is death in the face.

I find head dresses adorable still even if people nick name them maxi pads, lepord print to be daring (look at Motite they got it going on) and raschel to be beautiful when it comes in igh quality.

I really wish some people would loosen their bolts when it came to the guidlines -sigh-
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