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Valve Gathering (TF2,Portal,L4D,Half-Life)

Hi there! Me and Vihtalaini ( (Aka 'Medic's Wife' who ran the Otakon Valve shoots in my absence) are running the Valve shoots at Katsucon! We hope to see you all there for a deadly good shoot!

Saturday - Valve Photoshoot - 2pm across from the Gazebo

(Weather permitting / how everyone feels - ) after we are done by the Gazebo Saturday, we can move outside to the waterfront / docks etc for some nice outside shots for anyone who wants to follow.

Friday - Valve PJ party Casual gathering / drawing / chilling out Starting around 10pm - Location is a cluster of couches by the loading loop doors at the end of the Artist Alley/Dealers Room hallway - basically keep walking past the Alley away from the con center towards the hotel parking garage, you’ll pass the bathrooms on your right, and at the end of the hall there are a cluster of couches. I wish I had a better description, but I know it's there cause we walked by it a lot walking out to the parking garage / loading and unloading the car of Alley stuff.

Danke schön!
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