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Just some suggestions..but you may want to to wait until AX opens up the hotel at convention rates. (Which is a lot cheaper than paying the full price.) You may be able to get a nicer hotel with the convention rate.

AX opens up the con rate for the hotels differently every year.

In one year, the con rate went up as early as January. Sometimes it comes out in March or April. This past year, for some strange reason, it was released really late.

This is why it's important to check the AX website for updates.

One of the closer hotels that I would recommend is the the downtown Sheraton hotel. It's a nice hotel, and it's very close to where the Wilshire Grand used to be. The con rate for this hotel is about the same as the Wilshire Grand, and it's about the same walking distance to the convention center from the Wilshire Grand to the convention center. They also treat cosplayers well, and the con shuttle stops in front of the hotel's entrance. The hotel is also close to various restaurants like the IHOP restaurant & Subway. (Plus a CVS Pharmacy is right across from it.)

In some ways, it is quite similar to the Wilshire Grand, and I have jokingly called the Sheraton, the "Wilshire Grand Part II".

The closest one to the convention center is the J.W. Marriott, and it's right next to the Nokia Theatre. (But the hotel can be quite expensive.)

Above all, avoid the Figueroa at all costs. I stayed there before, and it was one of the worst hotels & most unsanitary hotels that I ever stayed in. (You get to sleep with six legged friends in bed, filthy floors & broken furniture.) The owner is also belligerent & very combative. Uno would not hesitate to curse at the guests, and would toss them out in the middle of the night if they ever complain about the rooms. (And yes, he openly doesn't like females, and talks down to them. Avoid this hotel at all costs.)

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