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I remember your review of Figueroa. I had to talk my sister out of staying there. It's scary that they are still in business.

I have this one booked for right now. I can alway cancel before July 2nd without charges if I the hotel rate changes. Then just rebook. I just need this for back up.

When we stayed at Wilshire we packed the room with our group to keep the expense down, this year, the room is for me, my husband and my sister with our two little girls. Smaller group and less funds, so we won't be able to afford the 300 a night that we used to pay. I had to do it this way since we didn't have two toddlers last year. Other wise, next time I will totally take your advice on the Sheraton.

We are also going to be booking two rooms between our group. Not sure where the other half are going to land. I hope we end up in the same hotel. It will make group cosplay much easier.
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