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I agree to a certain extent. When I cosplay steampunk (I don't do lolita, I like it, but I've never tried it.) I try to put in more than the boring browns and "badarse guy with gun and goggle" look. I do reds,blacks,dark colors...I don't do the gun thing. I mean, who cares? It's creative license. Just like how you can mildly change characters' outfits in a cosplay to fit your needs. As long as it looks good and people know what you're doing it's fine!
The only thing that might be bad is the people to stick to the common outline of lolita/steampunk... If you went to a lolita con expect people to stare if you had leopard print because that's not really what's acceptable in the rules.
I say go for it. You should cosplay for you and no one else. I mean, you might inspire people. It's good to see people who try to veer from the traditional type of clothing.
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