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Borderlands 2 - Psycho Bandit

I would love to do a BL2 Bandit!! but having trouble brain storming on some things. maybe someone could help me get ideas!

Since there is no base character or template to follow for a Bandit im stumped on upper-body armor or clothing. Seems like everyone does the Psycho look with orange pants and shirtless or tank top. but i dont want to approach this typically and after hours and hours of playing BL2 there is such a wide range of what i could wear im not sure where to start!

My mask is taken care of, same with my Bandit gun. pants, knee pads, boots and such... but NO idea what to do on the upper body. Id like to get that dirty home built "Road Warrior" style.
Id like to find a padded vest or some type of "armor"... football pads? or shoulders?... gah.. stumped...

Anyone got ideas or tips for me??

i AM also on a budget!! the cheaper the better...
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