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Need a Helmet Design made. (Drawing)

I am looking for someone who can draw well, to design a Helmet for me.
This is not for any cosplay, it is for my career. I am a music artist, and wish to have my own image.
I'm looking for someone who can design a custom helmet with a futuristic style. I all ready have someone to make it for around 150$.
I want it to be sort or a daft punk or tron style, just futuristic.
After being made it will be used at all my concerts, music videos, and cons as well even.
I dont have much more information other then that to give- maybe a few small details might help..
I do Electronic music
Want futuristic style including LED
Color: chrome, silver, black, or any metalic colors.
At the moment my PC is not around for a while, so being here on mobile is horrid. So i'd be best if i could be contacted by message on here or Skype: "Xekaz//" (without quotations)

Thanks soo much to anyone willing to help! If you need anything else such as details then just contact me. I'll love you forever cause i cant draw ><

I'm also not soo big on the idea of paying fr image(s), but the most i can do is promote you on my channel (I'm Youtube partner & work for Machinima), and give you credit for the design, but other then that there's not much i can do-
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