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Pinkie Pie Dress Help

Ok so first off I am trying to make Pinkie Pies Gala Dress, I can't draw very well so this artist's design is the closest to what I'm trying to create:

I want to make my dress so that its open in the front but long on the sides and back, like this (forgive the crappy paint drawing):

I have this pattern for the top of the dress and inner skirt:

I'm using the alice dress.

My question is how do I do the longer skirt? Like what pattern would be a good pattern to use for it? Is this even possible? If its not please suggestions on what to do. And how would I make it so the outer skirt would poof out, will I need a petticoat? Do they sell a petticoat that will work for this type dress or will I need to make one?

Any help would be great please!

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