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Talking Can you wait till Ax13?!!!

Happy New years everyone! Anime Expo is 6 months away! Come talk about your cosplays or who you'll be cosplaying at AX13 Talk about your ups and downs and what is it that you're most excited about. What are you looking forwards to? Are you going to AX13 or are you excited? Can you wait till AX?

For those who may be interested in this offer, my friend and I will be getting a hotel and i'll choose 4 people to share a room with us for FREE. There's rules and I want you guys to know that I'm doing this for those who can't afford a hotel, so let's be considerate. I will explain more about the hotel offer in my email.
Email me at
Subject it 'hotel' or I won't read it. I do have another post about this hotel offer but it has a different email. PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME ABOUT THE HOTEL OFFER HERE. I GAVE YOU MY EMAIL, THANK YOU.
But other than that, I would really like to know how you feel about Anime Expo!
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