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Originally Posted by benihime View Post
I didn't go to Ikkicon, but I HAVE been excited for Matsuri.
I actually wasn't excited until I woke up today and realized "omfg it's 2013 already" and that I'm not nearly as close to being done with my current costumes as I would have liked, so I got really nervous, then realized AM is only a couple of months away, got excited, then more nervous ... now I'm just kinda jumping in between the 2 XDD

Originally Posted by Sailmoon2012 View Post
Not sure if y'all have heard the rumors circulating around, but I've heard down the rumor mill that this is AM's last year if they don't raise any profit. I'm not believing anything until the officials themselves say something...
Nope, hadn't heard that before, but I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I'm sad to see it go, because it's the last Houston con we have, Kamikazekon died out years ago, Delta-H-Con isn't even big enough to be considered a convention, and Oni-con moved down to Galveston where the hotel prices are beyond outrageous ... if AM leaves, we're going to be down to 0 in-town conventions for those of us who live here =/
On the other hand, I've only been to AM once before, and it was because I had a table in the dealers room, so I didn't really get to run around a lot, and didn't get to participate in any events or anything, so I don't really know how the convention is, though I've heard mixed things, some say it's awesome, others say it's really bad, all I know is I've dealt with the staff, higher ups, and even the owner/starter of the convention, and they all suck, they're rude, they lie, and they do everything they can to jip you out of money, so in that sense, I'd be happy to see it go. /rant

Maybe if the rumors are true, someone could just jump in and take over, and keep everything going, but replace the staff and run it better? That would be cool, lol. But yeah, I agree, I wouldn't believe anything until you hear something from the officials.
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