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One day at a con, I had breakfast at home, but I ran out of cash so all I had to eat for the rest of the day were 2 fruit snacks and 2 animal crackers some girls were sharing.

Kawa Kon had a Hooters, (I don't go there so I don't know their prices but I assume they're cheap) St. Louis Bread Co., (aka Panera) and McDonald's nearby. But one year it was at a different location and my mom told me that McDonald's was just a couple blocks away. Turns out, it was actually Subway. I wanted to pinch every last penny I could, so I asked the hotel clerk if there was a McDonald's around. She said it was just about 1/4th of a mile down this one street. It was 2 miles away, I was wearing heeled flip flops, and I had to cross I-64. Thank God there was a bridge with a sidewalk, otherwise I'd be roadkill. This year it's at the America Center in downtown St. Louis, so there should be something cheap nearby.

Anime St. Louis and Natsucon have Arby's, Panderosa, White Castle, and across the highway there's a Wendy's and a Walmart for TV dinners.

These days I pack emergency food. Crackers, soda, and fruit cups are my arsenal.
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