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Alright, so for my first convention (AFO 2011) I thought "Cool, Yo! I get to finally go to a con! *brings only snack I can buy for friends, large bag of KitKats* I'm full already from work, so no need to eat when I get to the con ^^! It's going to be so much fun!" That was Thursday, so I was set for that. Day 1- '*insert having so much fun, but nervous of asking people for a picture and being alone so only follow GF, but feel so out of place with her and another friend interested in nothing but Home-stuck* Hey, I'm going to go with the others.... *ditches gf to go with other friends, who make me feel like a third-wheel, BUT we get icecream and I spent all the money I brought on that, and a 60 dollar wig for a friend's late birthday present*; *Ignore GF when we meet up again, so awkward walk back to hotel room, so much that it's like that in the room so friend makes us talk and we make up and she apologizes for making me feel out of place. Rest of the day is really fun, BUT I don't eat period besides a few KitKats.
Day 2- Better than the first day, and in cosplay for it when my Gf's mom asks me if I've had anything to eat, and I say I'm not hungry. Sooo, they see what is happening and my GF forces me to eat a sandwich.
Day 3- We skip Breakfast/Lunch and head home where her mom is dropping people off at people's house's and I literally forget my KitKats with a friend, but I think after this my parents took me with them to eat at Mcdonalds.

Next Con- Metro-con 2012
We have food, but not enough but not like we're eating it all at once. But, my GF doesn't eat a single thing on day one, and is wearing this Corset which has restricted her breathing. She ALMOST passes out on our way to the hotel room since she said she felt sick. I help her, and what happens if we lay her down for a second before freaking out as she literally starts clawing at her arm saying something about seeing something or feeling stuff crawling on it. She feels better though after having a sandwich/Yogurt/and koolaid drink.
The rest of the con is real nice and had McDonald's AGAIN afterwards. Well, except my gf who got dropped off early and my parents didn't think much of food until the last second.

Last con I went to: Shado-con 2012
Day 1- Bagel, free popcorn they had around the con (the other stuff that was free like chips was drugged), Chocolate
Day 2- Tacos during Lunch time with friends and a Caramel Frappe I got from the Starbucks. Because all I literally wanted was a coffee. ;3;
Day 3- Checkers with my GF at a park.
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