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Doubletree (most years from 2005-2011)
+ several con activities, including some highlights, take place there
+ convention shuttle bus stops there
+ the masquerade takes place here, so it is very convenient for cosplayers with big, bulky costumes
+ pool, hot tub, and waterslide
+ big warm delicious cookie when you sign in
+ highly convenient for staff and volunteers with most of their duties in this hotel
- strict policy on room parties
- small rooms
- elevators constantly getting jammed
- check-out Sunday is awful, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, waiting for an elevator (check-out as early as you possibly can, like between 9-10:30, to avoid this). For another thing, you usually have to walk all the way to the other end of the hotel through the crowds with your luggage if you want to use the baggage check.
- staff at elevators can be rude
- during key hours, the lobby of this hotel is so crowded that you'll barely be able to move around
- check-in can go really slow, depending on when you arrive. If you arrive Thursday, it may not be bad, but if you arrive anytime after noon on Friday, you may be waiting a long time...

Radisson (2011)
+ of all the AN hotels, it's generally agreed that the Radisson is pretty much the best deal in terms of how much you're paying vs. what your getting
+ huge rooms (most are suites) with very comfortable beds
+ right near the convention
+ a couple of events take place here, such as Cafe Nocturne and Club Aurora Zero
+ many con guests stay here... sometimes, you see them standing around outside before the con starts
+ highly convenient for staff and volunteers who have most of their duties in this hotel
- check-out Sunday can go very slow
- no pool
- check-in can go slow, depending on when you arrive
- typically the first hotel to sell out of rooms, often within a week (or possibly less) after the previous Anime North.

Sheraton (2012)
+ decent-sized room
+ pool and hot tub
+ many con events (Yaoi/Yuri North, gaming, Doll North, various workshops, etc.) take place here
+ the con shuttle bus stops here
+ bed is comfortable, at least
+ highly convenient for staff and volunteers whose duties mostly take place in this hotel
+ Manga Library is in this hotel... this can be useful if you are someone who likes to read before you go to sleep
- my room mates last year mentioned one of the sheets on the bed being made of the same thing as the shower curtain
- expensive

It would be useful if more people had reviews for hotels which are further away, seeing as the people who are just booking rooms right now are probably going to end up in them.

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