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Hello from Italy :-)

Hi everyone!

I'm new, I've been on this forum sometimes when looking for informations, but never even lurked in a continuative way.

I'm 23 years old, live in Italy and I'm studying biotechnology while working part time.

I've loved sewing and cosplay for a while, but since what I earn with my job is spent almost completely to pay for my university fees, food and gasoline for my car until now I had to sew everything by hand. While it's something I love doing, it's very time-consuming and between my job and studying I have little of it.

Luckily, this year my family got me a sewing machine as a Christmas gift! I've tried it with some simple projects (skirt and blouse) and it's quite good, simple but very sturdy and powerful.

Of course, this means that now I've got the means to sew more, and cosplay is definitely something I want to try! As I said, I've stumbled upont his forum several times and it aalways seemed like a nice place to me, full of enthusiasm and competente people.

Other things that I enjoy are anime and manga (especially seinen/josei), tabletop rpgs, reading almost everything (apart from mystery, thriller and romance stories), learning new things, fashion history, fun science facts.
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