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Versailles no bara/Rose of Versailles: Oscar wig (wavy, not curly)

I'm gathering info/patterns etc. for a Oscar cosplay. I saw a lot of wonderful cosplays, but often the wig used are curly/ringlets ones, while in the manga and anime it looks like a very fluffy, wavy one (which makes sense considering the havy influence 70s hairstyles had on Oscar's).

Unfortunately, it looks like soft wavy wigs are not fashionable so here I am, looking for advice. I've a bit of experience with styling (kanekalon) because I've helped a friend with her wigs ^^ My skin has yellow/olive undertones, but since I'm very pale it's not noticeable. Warmer hair colour makes it more evident, while cooler hair colour "kills" the undertone, so as long as it's blonde it's ok with my skin colour.

Wig 1 I like this wig because it has a lot of body, soft curls, fringe and two mixed tones (which I think help to have a more "live" look). My friend bought a couple of wigs from them and they look quite good, not too shiny or subject to tangling.

Wig 2 From the same website, it looks a bit too pale (but Oscar has been depicted with boh darker and golden or paler and cooler hair) and lacks the fringe, but it's a bit less full while having decent volume and looks softer and less "busy".

Wig 3 If I can't have waves, then I prefer tight curls to ringlets. This wig looks full but not busy, it has a couple of shorter locks in front (so no need to shorten them) and the fringe is simply lovely. It's heat resistant, so I think I'll be able to restyle it when I have the confidence to do so, and for now it'll do. The only thing I don't like is the colour, from the picture it looks a bit too yellow

Wig 4 Colour and wave are really nice, the fringe is the right lenght, but it looks a bit flat. I asked for a better quality picture and the seller kindly senti it to me , the colour is a bit darker and very warm without being yellowish.
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