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Free Photographer Available for Katsucon 2013 and Ohayocon 2013

Hey ya'll! I will be at Katsu 2013 all weekend and and would love to get some shooting in...

Lets lay down the points
  • I don't charge. Ever. I am already at the con, I already have my gear, I love taking pictures. Lets go!
  • I have a 2-3 week turn around time.
  • I usually do a max of 3-4 people a group for a 30 minute increment. I can schedule an hour in 2 locations but we have to work that out.
  • Just credit me in the photos thats all!

Just comment or pm me the following
Contact info:
Where we can meet:
Time asked for:

Examples of my work are here:

Current Projects

Sakura Shinguuji- Sakura Taisen
Morrigan Aensland- Darkstalkers

Loki/Noki- Dogs: Carnage

Next Conventions
Ichibancon 2013
Ohayocon 2013- Sat only
Katsucon 2013

Check out my cosplay photography http://kashiitancosplayphotos.weebly...otoshoots.html

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