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Oh yay, this is revived!!!

First of all, to the guy who did the Witch King of Angmar costume I have gotta say, that is impressive. You now have me thinking of making Eowyn's 'Dernhelm' armor outfit just for the opportunity to get pictures with you. It looks SO good.

That said, I'm about to start Éowyn's green dress. I have a pattern, found perfect underskirt material...but making the gold medallion belt has me stumped.
I usually make metal-like props out of some gold sheet metal I have. Sheet metal is too flat though for this belt. I don't see how it could look even remotely decent.
I need it all done by Katsucon and even though I still have a month I'm starting to freak out now.
If anyone has tips for the belt- or can make me one, I don't mind commissioning it(it'll save me time and stress and I'm in law school I could use less stress)- please let me know.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give!!!

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