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the only time I've heard of someone being asked for ID outside of age restricted events, was when a friend lost her pass in 2009 and went to the reg desk to get a replacement badge, she had to show that she was someone who had registered for the convention, though it was still $20 for the replacement...
In 2011 I picked up all my groups passes on Thursday and all I had to show was my forms for all the group, and in 2012 I picked up a friends pass who wasn't in the group on the Friday and no issue... This year we merged with another group due to the new 15 minimum on groups and the leader is going to pick them up for us on Thursday night since they have their room booked for that night, and we can't make it over because its my friends prom night (Thursday night proms lol XP at least its not Friday and in the way of AN!)
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