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Smile WTS: Tons of wigs and cosplays! HOTD, K-ON, Naruto, Homestuck, and more!

I need to get rid of a bunch of wigs & costumes! Most of them are only worn once, twice, or never worn at all and are still in really good shape! I’m running out of space and these things need a new home! It’s my first time making a post like this, so please ask any questions if you have them
My measurements are 34-25-34, and height is 5ft 5in. These costumes fit those measurements unless otherwise stated (most of these will fit size S or M).

- Paypal only
- Prices are USD
- Not accepting trades/returns/refunds
- Will offer discounts if ordering matching wigs/costumes
- Feel free to make a reasonable offer
- PM if interested!
- I can hold things for a day or so, but please sort yourself out in a day!

[SOLD]Blonde/Brown gyaru/lolita two color wig
Worn only once to try it on. Nice wig, but doesn’t suit me.

Ash/Brown gyaru/lolita two color wig
Worn only once to try it on. Nice wig, but doesn’t suit me. Very thick.

Medium-length Brown Wig
It’s a brown wig with bangs, used for Yui from K-ON.

[SOLD]Pink Wig with Long Clip on Pigtails
Used for Saya Takagi from HOTD (Ribbons can be included)

Short Blue Wig
Worn once. Very thick.

Medium-length White Wig
Worn once to try it on.

Short White Wig
Worn many times. There is some light purple staining on the back of it right by the neck, but it can’t be seen when wearing the wig.

[SOLD]HOTD Uniform
Commissioned from taobao, very good condition. Includes top + skirt + bow.

[ON HOLD]Vriska Cosplay*
Includes wig (+ horns are attached to wig with a wire under the cap) + scorpio shirt + grey long sleeve shirt over the scorpio shirt (blue nail polish can be included upon request)

[SOLD]Nepeta Cosplay*
Includes wig + hat(+horns are attached to the hat) + shirt + coat (coat is VERY large)

Lucky Star Cheerleader Cosplay
Sewn. I would recommend for someone shorter than me.

America Cosplay
Comissioned from ebay seller a few years back. The jacket is meh quality(it’s from pre-2009), the rest is very nice though. Includes pants + blazer + jacket + belt + white button down shirt.

Akatsuki Cosplay (Deidara)
Comissioned from ebay seller a few years back.Fits a size M or L best. Includes cloak + shoes+ shoecovers+ undershirt + pants + headband

K-ON Blazer
Altered blazer. Worn for Yui cosplay. Includes blazer + blue neck ribbon.

K-ON “LISTEN!!” Shirt
Hand painted. The shirt Yui wears in the LISTEN ed of K-ON. Includes blue shirt + green bracelet.

[SOLD]Yume Nikki Madotsuki Shirt
Hand painted. The shirt is size L but is just baggy/still wearable on people with smaller sizes. The wig shown in the picture can be included for an extra $15. However the wig is not braided, you’ll have to braid it.

Yellow Blazer
There is no school emblem on it so it can be customized. Size 12 petite, about a M.

[SOLD]Orange Jumpsuit
Intended for Chell from Portal, never worn. It says size S but fits like size M or L.

Bodyline Black Dress
Fits like an S. Could be turned into a cute maid dress if you added an apron and button down shirt.

Bodyline Pink Maid Dress
Put a petti under it and it gets huuuge! Bodyline size M. Includes dress + bow + apron + sleeves.

Naruto Leaf Village Headband

Cat Ears
Light beige cat ears on an elastic headband.

Thanks for looking!!

*The way I understand Hussie’s rules on selling Homestuck merch, he is targeting the people who take commissions and make made-to-order Homestuck cosplay items. He is not targeting the people who might sell something Homestuck at a yard sale, or selling used cosplay things they don’t need anymore.

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