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Originally Posted by Xanarcah View Post
Aww, thanks for the offer, but I'm really looking for someone who has more experience in VK wig work, especially since there are no existing backshots of it. o: This isn't really a standard spiked anime/video game wig, which is more what your specialty seems to be.

I actually have two people I've more or less got my heart set on working on my wig~
WEll even though, I can still do other styles..Spikes are just the one that get done more on commission as they are harder..I CAN do other styles though..But if you already have a few lined up that you like, then just go to them anyway no biggie lol

Anyway as for being ready for the con..I can't believe how much it's gonna cost to make this damn Kirito cosplay >.< Ugh I have bias tape....AND SO MUCH OF IT!!!! lol
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