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Wigs for sale

I need space for my other wigs, so I'm selling a few of my wigs.

About Shipping: Included

For sale:
1 short orange wig - 20$ (about: It's an Arda and its only been worn once for a couple of minutes. Thus the price....)
1 short dark purple wig - Traded
1 chin length blond wig - SOLD!~
1 long blond wig with ponytail attachment - SOLD!~
1 long golden blond wig - SOLD!~
1 blond hair going back wig (used for Germany) - 25$

Pictures of the wigs located here:

\ If you're interested in them but want more pictures, pm me.

For payment, paypal works the best for me. I am willing to do trades as well.

Any questions or request for more pictures please shoot me a message. Thank you for your time!~
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