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Originally Posted by Krye View Post
I think that gap is due to hip-bone placement - not necessarily fat or muscles b/n the thighs. A lot of ballerinas (or those who have done ballet during childhood) have this gap as well. So it could be genetics/bone growth, or prolonged activities that causes this gap.

I took jogging class, but the gap didn't appear. My legs were lean and fit though. I was happy either way. Till this day, no gap!

I heard others say to try pilates, and yoga.
i've gotta second this one--thigh gaps are mostly genetic and based off of your bone structure, and how your legs naturally position themselves when you're standing/walking/etc.

there's no such thing as spot reduction, so you can't just burn fat in that area only, anyway. you can tone the muscles in the area, but it will do little/nothing to actually get the thigh gap.
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