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For dreads, unless it's real hair, I can't do much (I use to have dreads myself and the person explained in detail how to do it)..But in the google search I did, there were tons of pictures so I couldn't be certain which style you The more "emo kid/jrock" hairstyles that I saw in that search are easy for me to do.

My portfolio is pretty small as I only have up the wigs I have done so far. But I don't have pictures of people whom I have done their real hair..But here is what you asked for:
Well technically it's just my commissions thread, but the first post has all my recent work with wigs. But they are not limited to only what's shown. I know I can do other styles that have not been requested, but I can't very well take pictures of those now can I? lol
Anyway, since you live so close, I can always met you somewhere (say the con center since it's a big public place and easy to find), which will cut out the shipping cost.
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