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Been busy over the holidays so couldn't post but now I'm back!

Shoulders Today

Side Laterals Dumbells

10lbs x30
15lbs x20
20lbs x15
25lbs x15
30lbs x12
35lbs x10 3 sets

Standing Shoulder Press Barbell

45lbs bar 15 reps
65lbs 12 reps
75lbs 12 reps
95lbs 10 reps 4 sets

Rear Delt Raise Bent over standing Dumbells

15 x15r
25 x12r
35 x10r 3 sets

High Pulley Cable Rope Pulls

30 x15r
40 x12r
50 x12r
60 x10r
70 x10r 3 sets
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