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Need help please! i have a coat but skirt

so i have made this coat (yes i used Simplicity 2172 as the base and changed the sleeves and a few other minor details) and i plan to wear a corset for the top but im having issues on type of skirt. i want something short (above the knee but not so short i cant bend over. . .been there done that) i have been playing with the idea of a bustle but im not sure as the back dosent split high enough to show it off.
im also playing with an idea of a gathered or bubble skirt with a hoop underneath. like Simplicity 1819 the skirt on the left (the shorter one)

please help!! also jacket is a blue black with a black lining. still debating on the colour of embroiderery work that will be done on it. im trying to go for a steam punk feel but possibly failing as it is my first one. i have a few pieces of jewlery and other things im adding to it to make it more SP-ish but i feel like im trying to do to much to it. I want goggles but fear that it might make it to cluttered and i feel that im trying to go in to many directions with it. If it helps i am willing to post more pictures of it at the current stages and things i have for it.
most of the accents are silver not bronze btw.

foot wear isnt really an issue i have several that will fit this so no worres on that. also would like it done for Anime North in may.
AAAHHHHHH so confused need help!!! please!!
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