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Talking Rise of the Guardians Photoshoot

The link to the official facebook event

Friday: 2:30 pm
Saturday: 2:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm

For every shoot we will do character shots first, group shots, and then pairing shots. I'll be posting a list and if you'd like to request anything contact me please as we will not be taking requests on site.

Also if you happen to be cosplaying a character from any of the books feel free to come as well and message me if you'd like to be a part of the shoot, we'd love to have you.

--Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend

--props are welcome for photos only but if you use it as a weapon you will be asked to leave.

--make sure it's alright before you try to get too chummy with other cosplayers you might not know, some people are okay with physical contact some aren't.

--You are not obligated to stay for the entire shoot if you don't want to, it's a con so make sure to have fun!

--No Harassment of any kind will be tolerated

--We are keeping these Photoshoots PG13

Photo List:

Jack Frost
St. North
Pitch Black
Jamie Bennett
Sophie Bennett
Jamie's Friends
Guardians group shot
Pitch & Jack
Jack & Jamie
Jack & Bunnymund
Toothiana & Jack
Jack & Sandman
North & Jack
North & Bunnymund
Toothiana & Pitch
Bunnymund & Sophie
Bunnymund & Toothiana
Bunnymund & Sandman
Toothiana & Sandman
Sandman & Pitch Black
Guardians & Kids

Sidenote: We're also thinking about having a meetup along with one of the photoshoots or planning a ROTG meet up later if there's interest. Anyway thanks for your time!
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