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Wire mascara/eyelashes?

Hi! So I'm looking for something to make my eyelashes appear white. Nothing permanent, no dye or anything, I was just curious if white mascara even existed...? Also, I'm sure white faux lashes exist - has anyone boy any? From where? What's your review?

I'm not planning on doing any cosplay in particular, I just like messing around and playing dress up and I think an albino-inspired look would be cool. Plus there's that chick from Deadman Wonderland so if I ever wanted to be her someday this would come in handy.

Well, thanks! I'm mainly concerned about white mascara - where could I buy it, and does it work? I've looked on eBay and all I see is transparent mascara (no idea how that would benefit anyone's life but okay eBay)

Thank you!
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