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Midas true form help?

I didn't even consider cosplaying in Midna's true form until my friend suggested it, haha. I think it'd be fun, especially since I love her character! I'm just having to major problems though. I have no idea how to sew and stuff, but I'm sure I can figure simple things out. I've always, for costumes, been confused on capes and such. How to make them, what material to use? And then she has her weird pointy hood and uuuugh.

Could anyone help me out? Haha. I'm just assuming I'll be able to figure the skirt and shirt out, so that will be fine.

Oh, and as of now I have no CLUE if I am going tone painting myself or just wearing tight clothes. No clue. So feel free to put opinions in on that! I've never painted myself before but I feaaaaar it will all come off and be gross especially since I hug and buy a lot of things with my hands.

So so far the wig, shirt, and skirt are no issue, but the cape and hod thing (her circlet too?) pose a big problem for me. And I guess the paint, not sure how lazy I'll be at 6am. Thanks!
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