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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
verdatum, Do you have, or know where I can fine, a diagram of how you mean? Also, I DON'T have scrap wood the thickness I need..Or any for that matter lol So I guess either way that's outts the question..Plus..I have 1" thick foam and it's WAY fragile..Any thinner would be a terrible idea..That thing would snap just picking it up lol
Sorry I missed this. For lack of a better explanation, look at this:

you have sticks on either side that are your desired thickness. In the clay world, you can just roll it flat, and the rolling pin will bottom-out when it hits those sticks. With sheet foam, you can do the same thing, just slicing a knife in such a way that it drags along the sticks.

scraps of wood of various thicknesses are available pretty cheap at your craft store or hobby shop.
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