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Originally Posted by von Drago View Post
^shrug^ Some years have had that as a rule in the Historical too. But the rules vary by year so it's always best to check the specific year's and if you have any questions to ask that specific MD. If Maral has checked and they say it's OK - then it's OK

Maral brought this question/issue to the con-com's attention and the masquerade directors agreed that it wasn't an issue.

The costume culture among some cosplay circles is people wear costumes all day to get maximum exposure, I don't feel that permitting this will detract from the masquerades in any significant way. I believe, and others seem to agree, that the majority of participants will still save their competition costumes for a surprise reveal.

I hope that removing the rule and being more permissive about allowing the individual contestants make the choice for themselves is more conducive to having an atmosphere where costumers from different costuming cultures can have fun expressing themselves in the way they enjoy most.

I feel it will have little or no negative impact on the competitions themselves, and there is more to be gained by the removal of that rule.

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