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Question Tips for the New Climber?

Alright, so in the summer I started a new job slinging coffee. So far I don't totally hate it, and the plus of it was that because it was closer to my house than my old job - I can walk no problem!

So I've been walking 40min a day almost every day since May last year. Even though I'm still bigger - I've managed to lose quite a bit of weight and I've been looking to find ways to lose even more.

Traditional workouts bore me unless I have someone there pushing me, so I tend to avoid the gym.

However I recently met a friend who is into rock climbing and he has offered to take me to the local rock climbing center in our city. I'm super excited! However. I've only been rock climbing once ...and it was with my high school gym class about 7 years ago....and I might have cried....So I don't really know what I'm doing.

Obviously for basic stuff such as roping he'll be able to teach me - but does anyone else have other tips? Injuries I should try to avoid? Stretches I should be doing before hand?

I'm really looking forward to burning off more fat and developing some muscle but I'm terrified of hurting myself. So! Any tips I can get would really help me out!
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