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Question Crack in fiberglass, what to do?

I recently commissioned armor; the armor was made from fiberglass. One of my stealthy kittens snuck into my off-limits closet and managed to knock it over and crack a segment of it off. I glued it back together, added something to the back to hopefully keep the crack from recurring, and sanded it down to hide anything. I thought that was that!
I was wrong
On my way back to school from winter break it broke again on the train because the person in front of me insisted having their chair at a 13 degree angle. (I brought the armor home in the first place because that is where my tools to fix it were, in case you were wondering why I'd have it on a train).

Bottom line: how can I fix this without fear of kittens or con glomps or any other thing?

I have no experience with fiberglass, hence I commissioned this in the first place.
I was considering paper macheing over it but I was unsure if that would stick on plastic.
Can anyone suggest something to reinforce this thing?

Also, I'll attach two pictures so you can conceive of what I'm working with. The part that is white-ish, is where the crack was, which has been sanded down.
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