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well, I sort of did a gathered/pleated skirt. It's not really completely either. If you want a really really ruffly skirt I recommend using horsehair braid, but probably 1/2 inch instead of a full 1 inch braid because that makes it have ridiculous volume (look at my skirt if you want to have an idea)... I think if you're going for Manga it would be great to try that thinner horsehair braid for really soft ruffles...

I agree with white spandex, with flesh colored swimsuit fabric beneath because it is see-through as for fabric, I hear that casa satin at JoAnn's is really nice because it's not so shiny that it's cheap Halloween-store costume-looking!

Sooooooo.... slight crisis here, I finally got my trim (yay!) but as I'd been afraid of (and one reason I had decided to go without trim to begin with) the gold doesn't match. >_____> What do you guys think? the other colors match really nicely.

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