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Cosplay Props and Accessories for Sale

All products are used but in great condition
If interested comment or send a pm more more info and pictures

Death Note Book $15.00

Naruto Kuni 2 available $10 each

Naruto Leaf Village Metal Headband/Bandana $15.00

Yu-gi-oh Dual Disk $50.00

Full Metal Alchamist Cornall Mustang Gloves $8.00 (still in package)

One Piece Zoro toy swords $35.00 (still in package)

Magical DoReMi/Ojamajo Doremi wands and broach set 3 pieces $20.00 each or all 3 for $45.00

Final Fantasy Cloud Buster Blade Sword (made out of wood) $50.00

Mini Zatch Bell Book $5.00

Pokemon Poke-Dex $10.00

Kingdom Hearts Sora Silver Crown Necklace $20.00

Various Anime and Disney plushies
Hamtaro: Hamtaro, Bijou, Pashmina, and Penelope $5.00
Fruits Basket: Kyo Cat(Large) $20.00, Momiji Rabbit $10.00, Kagura Human $8.00
Digimon: Gatoman, Impmon, Palmon, Poromon $5.00
One Piece: Chopper $8.00
Inuyasha: Inuyasha $8.00
Full Metal Alchemist: Ed Elric (signed by Vic Mignona) $25.00
Ruroni Kenshin: Kaoru $8.00
Bleach: Ichigo $8.00
Naruto: Sakura $8.00
Deathnote: Misa Amane $10.00
Mickey Mouse $8.00
Bambi: Thumper and Flower $6.00
Dumbo $10.00
Little Mermaid: Scuttle $10.00
Bolt: Muffin the Cat $10.00
Lion King: Large Mufasa with baby Simba $30.00, Large Nala $25.00
Aristocats: Duchess $6.00
Snow White: Happy and Dopey $6.00

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