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Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
Well it wasn't a cool arcade, it had like... skeeball and a lot of games I didn't like. Nothing like pac man and stuff.
Skeeball and anything involving whacking (lulz) are the only type of non-videya games in arcades I trust. Crane games are the worst.

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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
Chuck E's new voice is the lead singer from Bowling for Soup.

Not that kids now would have any frigging idea about Bowling for Soup, but they also did do the theme song for Phineas and Ferb, so there you go.
Bowling for Soup also did the theme for Jimmy Neutron, according to iTunes, and a horrible cover of "I Ran" for Saint Seiya when that was brought over to the US. The more useless crap you know.

Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
That mouse looks significantly douchier then the one I own.

Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
I had a feeling... BOWLING FOR SOUP HOW LOW YOU SUNK....

I actually love the Phineas and Ferb theme though
Not going to lie, it's catchy. I sat through 3 seasons of P&F via Netflix,and enjoyed it, but then the signing increased, and Gravity Falls came into existence, and I lost interest.

The Marvel crossover that's happening next year intrigues me though, because apparently they're fighting the Red Skull, who is kind of a Nazi. In the literal sense.
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