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Name of Commissioner: Destiny’s Ending/Alanna Dawn
Website:,, DestinysEnding,
Character commissioned: FFX-2 Yuna
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Paid in August

Describe your experience. Pros, cons, comments:
I contacted Alanna after seeing an ad on CosCom and received a quick response. She was really sweet and after a few negotiations, we worked out a price. After paying in full, I was told that I would receive pictures soon. I've only received one picture, after tons of e-mails inquiring about progress. I was lenient with her because she said she was sick with a kidney infection. This is when things started getting weird. I did some research and saw a few weird complaints about her. I tried to keep positive, hoping I wouldn't have the same experience. She soon sent me a quote on shipping and like a dummy, I paid it. Soon it was a week before my con, and I sent her another e-mail, explaining that if I do not receive a shipping number or a refund, I will be contacting the bank. That's when it escalated and I recieved this email:

"I cannot afford to get online and check email on a DAILY basis or my facebook.
The last email I have just read a received was a threat which I do no take light of and is a serious business matter.
As I have been through with you before, due to my poor health lately there would be a slight delay, and as it is only a day after the requested due date, and it has only a couple of days since I have been able to respond, your threat seems very unreasonable.
I also cannot constantly take pictures or I would not get ANY work done, and I work on many orders at one time. Very sorry for that, but I must also work.
Being that I was still in the process of finishing up your side satchel I will just be giving a partial refund for it as you have already sent threats I don't want to wait a day longer than necessary to get this commission over and to you, so that I can complete this commission, and bring the tension to an end.
As I knew the convention was NOT for two more weeks, I was aware of the time needed to get it to you before the date and already charged for that shipping so I could give you the best quality, and have EVERYTHING done, allotting for my health issues and any delays as well.
After your last email I will be happy to send what is done out and will be issuing a partial refund so we can end this transaction and all stress. You will receive a tracking number on Monday.
Thank you for commissioning me and I hope you enjoy your costume."

I was appalled at her unprofessionalism and excuses. And after all that, I received no tracking number, but I received a package. What was in it looked nothing like the ONE progress picture she sent. The material was cheap and papery, and I was missing pieces. AND NONE of it fitted! And guess what? I never received the "partial refund" she promised. -___- I didn't even bother going further with her.

STAY AWAY at all costs. A lot is coming to light about this commissioner and I now take this as a lesson to start doing research before hiring someone. This was my first time commissioning someone and I must say....LESSON LEARNED.

Final grade: F
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