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I'll be staying in Surrey with a Friend more than likely (She's not a cosplayer though), so I'll be somewhat near the London area (She said that she lived about a 45 minute train ride from Central London) ... At any rate, I will definitely be in the London area!

And thank you for the offer! I appreciate it! It would be awesome to hang out with you ^_^ ... I always enjoy meeting new people, and it's especially fun to meet people who live in other countries!
Another Canada and England cosplayer? That's awesome! Great minds think alike maybe? (I'm an unabashed MapleTea fan so I'm not really surprised if you've seen my silly art in the MapleTea Club on dA ... I've submitted quite a lot XD;;; )

I've heard about the London Film and Comic Con... definitely interested in checking that out! I'm not sure on the exact dates that I'll be over there, it's starting to look like May/June now though ... but could be June/July. Even if there is no Convention to attend while I am there, I would love to check out the meet ups! (in all my shy awkward Canadian glory .... XD;; )

Thank you for the links! ^__^
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