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Quick updates:

My sister might/can switch off to Luke instead of Professor Layton--That way, the group is fairly even!

For the other Descole cosplayer I mentioned earlier, she's willing to participate and is available around 2:30PM (she'll attend the My Little Pony Gathering and change out from her Skyrim!Fluttershy to her Descole afterwards)

For me, I'll be in my Descole cosplay ALL DAY Friday, but I don't have a cape, so look out for a mysterious boa-wearing cosplayer LOL!

So, to summarize, we should meet up / hang around between 2PM and 5PM, near the Cabana / Pool Deck--does that sound good to you?

((Also, before you leave for ALA tomorrow, it would be great to hear one last update from me: i.e. what cosplay you're wearing, what plans/times you have in mind for the PL gathering))
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