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Originally Posted by Amethyst Nat View Post
Sounds good!
I was hoping to go to the funimation panel at 3, but maybe we can go that that together! and we can hang out for a while.
On friday morning nd night I was going to be Miku Hatsune in a dark green formal dress, but switching to Marisa Kirisame for the Touhou gathering at noon, then Emmy for this. and all Saturday was going to Miku 'story of Evil' version and Sunday was going to be Rin Kagamine in a purple victorian dress
That's sounds great! I'll be hanging out near that area / Funimation panel~

Ooo, Touhou cosplay! I might see you around that gathering~

Well, it sounds about right! I'm confident that I'll see you around, especially at the panel! ^^
Best of luck~! Thanks a lot for making this gathering again!!

Here's a funny heads-up for ya: I'll be hosting a Professor Layton Gathering at Anime Expo 2013!
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