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Originally Posted by rndmguy View Post
I've done keto for extended periods, and if I really wanted to I could have maintained it fairly easily. The big problem was that it really limited the things I did with friends and family.

I've gone back to a mixed diet and haven't had any set backs. I honestly did miss a lot of the foods I like, like beans, on keto. But if you've got your family and friends supportive of that diet decision then go for it.
My boyfriend is supportive, but my family isn't. They make me "keto-friendly" stuff like soup with kale and beef and say that the liquid is chicken broth and heavy whipping cream when they really sneak milk into it because they don't want me to lose weight I guess. Makes me upset. But I really am trying hard to stick to it.

The only things I miss are chocolate and bananas and cereal.
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